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Coin/Level Refunding System

I think it’d be a good idea to add in a monthly/annual coin/level refund system to the game. The system works like this: on a specific week of said month/year, players have the oppurtunity to refund levels from any creatures they want in order to gain coins and dna back from the creature/hybrid of their selection. So if you happened to invest in a creature that was nerfed, like procerathomimus, and you invested about 250k coins into it, you get those coins back and the dna back to invest in something else. Ludia can still make it’s original income as this would be something rare like a boost reset. It doesnt have to be on a schedule or anything, but in my own opinion I feel like this could make a bunch of the playerbase more happier with how ludias managing their game. Thank you anyone reading this for your time, constructive criticism welcomed!


Absolutely not. If you invested in something like procerathomimus that is your fault. If anything you should be charged double. Why not just have patience and invest in endgame dinos.


I think he was referring to people who invested in Procerathomimus prior to the 2.0 update, when it was overpowered, then became a literal rubber ducky. If we use a different example, like let’s say hypothetically Mortem Rex got nerfed, would you still say that you should get charged double for investing in an end game dino that got beat to the ground after you levelled it? I do see the flaws in this system though.


I think I made a post similar to this a while ago, and I still think that this should definitely be implemented. I think you should get half the coin and DNA from the level in question.


ABSOLUTELY yes. this goes for Indoor Indoor g2 Yushi and Erlidom, stegod, dilorach, rixis, metro etc, back in the old days when they were, well, in the meta, and now they’ve just become bad or meh. I agree this should be implemented, because of old dinos lots leveled only to lose coins and DNA by nerfs and because it allows more choice in what to invest in instead of not

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i just feel it shouldnt cost coins to level up period


lol are u kidding us? its the worst idea in the world

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Really just… less. The fact that you have to grind out 70K coins just to level up something twice is ludicrous, and that’s in the mid-game-ish.

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wait until it costs 250K for a level up

Sorry that you think that, can you elaborate?

He asked for constructive feedback not just straight up criticism and insults, plus this isn’t just his idea, it’s a concept and mechanism that I have heard many people ask for in the past.

I believe he/she was referring to this statement actually. Not the topic in general.

Just what I think :relaxed:


Could you please explain your reasons on why it’s a bad idea?

No this should never go live.

1.Coins are a way for Ludia to get money, if they give them back for free then Ludia has to provide other sources of income. I’m afraid that this will lead to an even worse P2W system.

  1. You leveled your dinos and hybrids at some point because they were Meta/Broken at that very moment. You gained arena points, easy incubators and stomped your way up the arena. So you already got value out of your “investment” back then. If you leveled up your dino because you liked it (i got my gorgosuchus to 30) then it was a clear desicion, even without the arena aspect.

  2. I think it would be much better to give us new/more ways to earn stuff. Be it coins, dna or boosts. Maybe even new skins/colours or other new stuff we can earn by ourself.
    Or a arena rework (should be done a long time ago) were we get finelly a good reason to play the game with nice rewards and a not so bottlenecked place to make our progress more smooth.

Not a main english speaker. Please be patience.

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