Coin limit and supply drops


i am a ftp player and i have a problem. when you open a supply drop, it gives you a semirandom amount of coins, darts and sometimes cash. mostly it gives darts and coins but sometimes it only gives a bigger amount of darts or coins. but there is a problem with that. if you have reached your daily coin limit and open a supply drop, and it would give you coins, it gives no coins instead. for example i was getting these combinations of items (excluding cash) from supply drops
1)22 darts
2)12 darts 64 coins
3)7 darts 104 coins
4)188 coins
and these are fairly balanced amounts. however if you reached the coin limit, it becomes like this:
1)22 darts
2)12 darts
3)7 darts
for the first it doesnt change at all but i cant tell you how frustrating it is to open a supply drop to get nothing. i have opened 3 drops that gave me nothing and more than 25 of them that only gave 7 darts. i understand it shouldnt give coins after you reached your limit but cant it give something else? maybe some cash or even just setting it to give only the first option if the player reached coin limit or something would be fine. but it is just a let down when you need darts and open a drop to get nothing out of it


Yeah it’s a bit strange the whole supply drop thing.
In Pokémon Go there are a lot of different resources some being rather rare.

If they introduced more resources it would overcome this problem.
Hit the coin limit? Don’t worry there are plenty of other things to get.


it could just give darts instead or a little amount of cash. everything is better than nothing at this point. or they could just give random common dna