Coin Limit Increase?

Anyone notice an increase in coin limits recently? One of my daily missions say collect required coins. Yesterday I was over 40,000. Today I am at 36,000 and still not maxed out. I have VIP. Have only done 7 battles today it says and I haven’t traded DNA. Not complaining. I would be nice if they raised the cap. I don’t collect my missions until the end of the day so I can see how much DNA and coins I collect for the day.

Seems like a bug

Shhhhhhhhh don’t say nothin >\<


I don’t know what you are talking about “my logic”. I didn’t post anything about logic. I simply asked if there was an increase in daily coins as I was getting a lot with no cap. I mentioned battles and dna trading as I wasn’t getting the coins from them. I know what the limits were as I have played since beta.

Anyway. There is no cap now on supply drops. Mission yesterday showed over 40,000 coins and 355 drops open. I did not reach any cap. I play till 1000 pm est last night. I started played early this morning (is currently 750 am est here and I already have over 29,000 coins and still no cap.

Spin as many drops as you can. I know some may be upset with me posting this but I believe it should be shared by everyone to have a chance at the extra coins.

Ludia should not be quick to fix this. Fix your main problem first that has been going on for weeks, spoofers in Alliances.

The caps are currently not functioning for coins, cash, and scents from drops. There are no limits. It is certainly a bug I would think.

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Hopefully a permanent bug…lol

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… i mean… you do realize letting spoofers take full advantage of this by… i dunno… running around spinning every stop for a few days and getting 6 million coins would be a problem right? How in the absolute heck can you think spoofers in alliances is a BIGGER problem than this? Exactly?


Yes I know that would be a problem. That is why I said ludia needs to deal with the spoofers. Like they were suppose to in the first place.

I feel like its intentional. That’s why the drops are presents. I got over 200,000 coins yesterday. Cash also doesnt have a limit

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Weather it is spoofers in alliances, spoofing to catch epics, or gain coins. At the end of the day it all comes back to the same thing spoofers……Ludia said 2.5 weeks ago they are looking into this. It seems pretty simple to me and probably most people that play legit. Delete their accounts.

That moment when 50 dollars worth of in-game buy is now equal to 1h play for a spoofer.

They did a good job to prevent that but now they are devaluating it so much that it’s not understandable. The only argument for those who were supporting spoofers is gone now “they still have to spend money to level up their dinos” :joy: :joy: now they don’t even need to spend anything just grab and collect at the cost of 0 (not even gas :rofl:)

So if that was the only argument to keep spoofers then the is no reason to keep them now. I don’t know why that would ever be an argument to keep players violating the games terms of service and tell people for weeks they are looking into it.

Sure. Just felt like you were a little off there. Spoofers in alliances is an irrelevant issue compared to a complete lack of coin limits.

I think were on the same page. I know it will be abused by spoofers. The point is, there should be no spoofers to abuse it…That is why ludia needs to step up and start deleting their accounts.

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I noticed the lack of limits today on the supply boxes. Has anyone from Ludia explained it?

They never give an explanantion for anything. Always the same canned response.

We’re looking into it…