Coin limit is a joke


So today I’ve reached my coin limit by 1pm I’m time…

I’ve barely spun any drops,
I’ve spun loads before on different days and never hit the limit.

Being a VIP, the limit is a complete joke, I’ve no way got over 5000 coins today… so why have I hit a limit


Because your player level is low. Level 10 plus get good coins.


It’s a rolling 24 hours.


5k is Also Way to low, it doesnt encourage people to go out.


yes its a very low limit it should go up to 10k


At my level I get 12500 a day.


What level is that ?


Level 17 here…


Yeah I paid for the VIP and the coin limit is making me rethink this. At level 10 I can only get 8,600 coins a day but my Stegasaurus needs 30,000 to evolve to next level. That’s crazy limiting and not sure I won’t get bored with waiting. Don’t mind paying a little to support the game but if I get double at supply drops but limit is still the same what’s the point of the VIP besides a tiny bit of range?


Yeah when spoofers go out they must remove the coin cap, the more you grind the more yo get coins like in pogo whit stops, also increase the spawn rate in stop cause atm is patethic in my house and work there is tons of stops around and 1,2 dinos usually