Coin limit reached?


After midnight Eastern time the coin limit reached box popped up and I received any coins from battles won since. Why?


Hey dan_kubicki, the daily Coin limit amount will depend on what level you are at, and it should reset the following day, take a look at our FAQ here for more info:

I hope this helps!


It’s only in battle mode I can’t get coin’s, supply drop’s have still been giving me coin’s.


@dan_kubicki, it appears that the different coin sources have different limits, possibly entirely separate ones. I’ve maxed every combination of battle arena, incubator, supply drops, and chests at different points in the same 24 hour period. Hasn’t been worth tight traking to me but they aren’t all the same.


@dan_kubicki, pardon, are you having problems collecting coins from the battle arena, the battle incubators, or something else and is it only after midnight EST / EDT.