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Coin Production

What do you find is the best setup for maximizing coin production? My park is really spread out with a lot of decorations running between dinos…only one layer of decorations max. typically gets me a bonus of 100-210% max. I think I get about 6-7mil every 3 hours. I am pretty sure I could do better and am curious about others strategies.

Example of my layout:

This is how most of my park is set up rows of creatures across with two decorations in between on both sides of the creatures. This will get me to approximately 400% per paddock.

I have my revenue towers strategically spaced around my creatures that have less than three hour timers so I collect those when ever I am in the game and the towers are ready. My revenue beacon is placed to cover the entire original island so when it collects it is any where from 40 million to 85+ million depending on how long I have left it sitting and what I have or have not collected.

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Wow! That’s a lot of clock towers!

I usually take any resource trade for Clock Towers

@DeathEngineer here is how I have five dinosaurs set up for maximum coins the amount is 91833450

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Wow.:flushed: that makes it easy.

That is for sure easier if you have paddocks that have very high coin production prior to being boosted.

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The double row format is very efficient.

You get around a plus 250% with hammonds and 450% with clock towers. Sundials are also good.

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Mine are in the 700

That’s not bad. However 450% across a couple high output paddocks vs 700 on a couple might be better overall payout in coins. I think my park dumps 35-40 million coins every 3hrs.

Right now my park will do 99 million two times plus 82 million before I use all my coin collection on the First time and in about 4 hours later it will do 99 million more the first 99 million is on Isla Sorna the other 99 million & 82 million are on Isla Nublar then 4 hours later the other 99 million comes from both together so right now I’m at maxed level until I can purchase about 80 more clock towers Isla Sorna imageIsla Sorna imageIsla Nublar image

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Sorry on my last post I forgot to show the percentages here is a picture showing them On Isla Nublar

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I think a lot depends on how long you’ve been playing though and how high the level are and how many top level dinos you have. I’ve started to move my best coin producers to the new island and put lots of the clock towers around them as I am able to purchase those, but there’s just no comparison to the kind of coin production that I can get with 3 or 4 lvl 20 VIPs or a couple lvl 40 SR hybrids in a paddock vs. what end game players have, even though I have those paddocks boosted to 450+% It still doesn’t come close to the kind of coin production these types of parks can get. It takes a LOT of time to get to what I’m seeing shown here.


For sure the longer you have been playing the more those multipliers help!!! Doesn’t matter how many clock towers I have if I don’t have the Dino’s to boost, part of the reason I have been striving to hatch out everything I can get my hands on so that it feeds the coin machine.

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I would like to know what you do with all these coins.

I pile them up and swim in them, isn’t that what you are supposed to do with them?


@Sionsith you’re correct I have been playing for just over four years and I have in some cases more than three dinosaurs that are the same at level 40 and I have about 700 clock towers between the two islands that’s how I’m able to collect so many coins @Tommi I use them to collect a lot of mods in some cases I have around 500 and on just about All of them I have at least 99 so I have no problem doing mod events

I’m sure you enjoy it Mr Scrooge McDuck (hope that is right, we call him Dagobert Duck).


You got it correct


I think the gaming beaver, a dino youtuber, you may have heard of him. has a pretty good way for collecting loads of coins. So you could check his channel if ya like. I think he gets somewhere over a 325% bonus for his dinos.