Coin refund needed

I was looking through my dinos when my phone vibrated to indicate that something had spawned nearby. I wanted to go back to the map screen to see what it was, but apparently instead of hitting the map button, i hit the evolve button right above it.

My T-Rex was already level 20, and I had no plans on leveling it up any higher, mainly because of the massive coin problems with this game and I only use it for its hybrids anyway so it just sits in my inventory. Well, apparently I just spent 50k coins to level it up to 21.

I would like my coins back and my trex reset back to 20. I don’t understand why there is NO CONFIRMATION BUTTON for the evolve, something like that is very important and should be added to the game ASAP.

I dont want or have any use for a level 21 trex. I had to spin these damn supply drops for a week just to get those coins and now they are gone, for nothing. Pleae refund my 50k coins and reset my rex back to 20. Thank you.


i wish you the best of luck with this refund request, gg.

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Confirmation button would be tiresome.
A toggle for locking all evolve and fuse would be great.

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Hello? Help still needed please…

They’re not going to help through the forum, you need to email support. If you’re in North America there is a phone number as well.

There are other threads in which theyve answered this request and you are SOL.

Hey GorillaGlue, I’m sorry to hear that you accidentally upgraded the level on your T-rex. I can understand that it would have been really frustrating to have that happen, but sadly there is not much our team can do because they are not able to alter your current game progress or reimburse for accidental use of in-game items and currency. However, I have passed along your suggestion for a “confirmation button” to our staff member. If you’re still having any other issues, reach out to our team here at with your support key.

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