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Coin rewards at raids

Hello, how is everyone?

I was thinking that BOSS RAIDS should give COIN REWARDS as well in the incubators, BESIDES THE RAID ANIMAL DNA.

It is a battle where you need a number of players, good animals, coordination. A pretty good effort, and takes time.

Every raid has 2 rounds, and they do take effort.

The “minimal” animal is AN EPIC at TOP HEALTH.

Sinoceratops should give at least a “blue-ish arena” size coin reward rounding 5000 coins.

Mammotherium, is a legend, and has a minion, should give at least 11000 coins.

Smilonemys being a unique, hardcore animal with 2 minions, should give at least 15000 coins - as some golden arenas give -.

MORTEM being THE APEX, the new animal, THE HARDEST BATTLE IN THE GAME even for MASTER PLAYERS, should give at least 25000 coins - equal to the amount you get when you buy coins using 500 bills -.

And that is just for the 1st prize incubator in each RAID.

The 2nd to 10th incubators should give lesser coins but still give some , as when we get 100, 200 coins when we win 1st battle out of 3 in a 3 battle arena.

It will make players want to play RAIDS FASTER, will encourage 4 players instead of 3 in more raids. And the lesser rewards at the 2-10 incubators will encourage players to keep raiding instead of doing couple a day.

Every player is always collecting coins, to create animals, fuse dna, uplevel animals. This could be another way of collecting and certainly players would appreciate another reasonable , logic way to earn them, due to the effort involved in winning the RAIDS.



Absolutely! Raids are fun, but after you beat the first one, the only motivation to do any more is just that - the fun factor. All you get otherwise is a few common or rare DNA that you probably don’t need anyway.

They need to be careful not to make it too farmable I guess, so they might give diminishing rewards for repeat attempts.

While they’re at it, they could throw in some boosts as a reward too, even just a couple of them.


I’m all for more coins. I’m surprised raids don’t give coins already.