Coin sale ever?

Honestly, I was expecting/hoping for a coin sale during the Halloween event, but in the market are only their ridiculous offers.
What do u guys think? Do we ever will get a coin sale as f2p players?

Since ludia is making it so hard to get good amount of coins, I don’t think it’s good for their game… I am now at a point in the game where leveling unique’s cost a serious amount of coins… if they don’t make coins a bit more accessible there is a good chance the game will burn out on me…

I understand ludia has to make a living, but i doubt blocking access to decent coin is the way to go… better they make vip membership more attractive…

Let me hear your thought about the coins.


Ludia isn’t likely to make vip more enticing they could have gone that route. Heck we had data mines 2 years ago which showed them working on a vip notification feature where you’d get notified if an epic had spawned within range.

But realistically we had way less coins during the early periods of the game… there was a time when strike towers weren’t a thing. It was literally supply drops and arena wins and their used to be a cap on how much coins you could win from the arena. So they may be clamping down on coins some but it’s nowhere like how things used to be.

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I too was hoping a f2p coin deal would happen for Halloween. Now I guess I’m gonna hold out until Xmas