Coin sale. Typo? "+50%"


Im not sure if its just because i havent had my coffee yet, but this is in the store

2500 + 50% (1250) would be 3750. But this is advertising 37,000… Not sure if typo or im just still half asleep.
Just hope someone monitoring the forum could check before anyone burns their dino bucks on it.

Coin vault bonus

I just bought it and it certainly gives 37500 coins. It’s not really a typo - if you check the price, it costs exactly the same as the 25000 coin pack, so the +50% bonus is over that one, not the 2500 one.


Coin vault bonus is stupid

Was 2500 now +50% = 37500

For the same price as 25000

Do you people not check what your doing …image


You should check too. The 2.500 one cost 60 cash. This one costs 500 cash. The offer is for the 25.000 coin pack, not the 2.500 one.


Does it not have 2500 with a line thru it ?


That’s just misleading, so that you say “MY GOD WHAT A BARGAIN” but the price is still 500 hard cash, same price as the 25000 chest. So the +50% applies to 25000, and that math matches perfectly.


Exactly my point …


there is a typo in that it says 2,500. you can clearly see right next to it that it says 25,000. so yes there is a typo but its not a big deal and its 100% correct in payout.


At least they offer some incentive…


It appears they have (hopefully temporarily) replaced the 60 dinosaur dollar coin box with this one that adds 50% to the 25,000 coins. Ergo, 37,500. The “force” suggests that a programmer either mistakenly or lazily stuck it there rather than overwrite the original, which is kinda peculiar because I was considering getting the 2,500 coins for 60DD but now it appears I’ll have to wait.


Nice promo only for VIPs :triumph: