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Coin Sales - Part 2

Hey @Ned just stopping in for a friendly reminder to remind the team that us common folks haven’t had a coin sale in a while but we’ve seen a couple come through VIP lately. Would you please kindly remind the Team that everyone loves coin sales too. The kind for the dino bucks in game green cash not the real money kind lol thanks boss.:muscle::sunglasses::+1::100:


There’s an HC tournament coming up, so if we could get one directly after that it would be much appreciated.

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I’ve been patiently waiting. When I saw the sale the other day I was happy until I saw it was VIP only. It had been a while since I bought coins on sale and last time I still had a VIP sub (I had a sub from June 2018 and only recently let it go) so I thought maybe it was another VIP perk to be able to participate in sales.

More VIP coin/boost sales would also be appreciated.
The speed wars have started and I need to reconfigure!
I’ve got the slowest Maxima in Shores!
Not spending money on Inc cash bundles anymore because I have nothing to spend cash on!
K Ludia? Thx.

I can definitely relay the message, :sweat_smile:. Thanks, Phil!


Hey @Ned I’m sure you’ve relayed the concern but now we have another coin sale in vip but we have yet to receive one for us common folks.


The cash tournament is ongoing. The smart thing to do would be to have a sale at the end.

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I hope so. I have around the same amount of HC as Phil and I just don’t have a use for it other than coins :frowning:

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I have 7k and am in the same boat.

Tournament is over. Coin sale please. Please?


Hey Phil, your concern has been raised to our team! :sweat_smile:


Yeah, after I spent all my HC on coins :roll_eyes:

Keep saving. I only spend on sales. They’ll come around at some point.

Thank you @Ned

Yeah, I don’t really regret it. I had my mind set on what I wanted to level with my tournament winnings, so if there wasn’t going to be a sale immediately after, I couldn’t be bothered to wait.

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It sure would be great to have a coin sale tomorrow like the ones vip have been getting over and over and us free players have yet to receive.


I’ve been watching for a sale on coins for weeks now. Patiently waiting for the non-vip sale. I hope they give us one soon! So frustrating to see VIP getting it so often.


They’ve had at least 5-6 coin sales in vip. We could’ve at least had one by now.

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The rich get richer while the poor get poorer!


From the notes I’ve taken, the last coin sale for free to play players was the 4th of July.

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