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Coin Sales - Part 2

That’s just pathetic…
Ludia really hates their f2p people.

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I would love to get some more coins, but I think the coin tournament is a nice thing. Wish it could be more

Well if you recall, we use to have more coin sales. They would be offered around holidays and then also randomly pop up in the store for free to play people. Over the last year it has changed to almost vip exclusive. Vip has numerous coin sales. Sure I get it, vip should have more benefits. But maybe instead of neglecting free players they make the vip sales more rewarding. Just because I or many others don’t pay in the game doesn’t mean we are not added value. Sure we don’t put money in Ludia s pockets but without the little guy for the big players to beat up or whatever there isn’t much competition.

Plus, VIP is way too expensive to keep up if you just want to purchase some coins on occasion. even some paying players (myself included) don’t want to spend 10 bucks a month to maybe take part in a couple sales. seems kinda pointless and a waste of money. they’re more likely to get me to purchase a small HC bundle to even out my coin sale purchases then to get me to get VIP.


Another one for vip :roll_eyes: this had almost been 10 coin sales vip has and free player have had 1 back on the 4th of July.

@Ned can you ask the team again? Last time you said that coin sales were not vip exclusive but we rarely ever get them anymore. It seems Ludia has really cut back on the amount of coins being offered. Strange timing too since the whole covid thing were hardly anyone has been able to go out and collect coins almost all year. You’d think more coins would be available to players. Like the drone range, giga scents, and darts.


There are coin sales just not coin deals that are discounts.

I think monthly Ludia is selling coins over a 2 day period.

There has not been a coin sale for hard cash/dino bucks for us free player since the 4th of July. There are coin sales for real money or there are vip coin sales.

I’m just going to post a screenshot every VIP coin sale before a F2P coin sale is provided.

October 5, 2020


Hey let’s join vip so we get a coin sale! That’s what Ludia is expecting. Nope not happening.


Me, a V.I.P 4j1xqx

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Beat me to it! Lol.

They get 2 in one month. I wish we could get one every few months! It’s something.

LMAO, rub it in.