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Coin Sales - Part 2

VIP incubators
VIP supply drops
VIP drone battery
VIP extended dart range

This does not count as a F2P coin sale. Please can we get one for HC.


Another one for the vip, again.

Can Ludia be like Hammond and less like Gennaro?



I know us F2P players don’t generate income for Ludia but it would be nice to be given a little consideration!

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Really struggling to get coins lately. The supply drops don’t offer enough, arena is too toxic to play and receive the max coins like I used to be able to do, and there are STILL no coin sales for free players.


Yet more coin sales for VIP.
Yeah the VIP accounts generate income for Ludia and should have perks and benefits. But surely it isn’t asking too much to throw us F2P folks some scraps and help us progress!

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Ridiculous that F2P players get what seems like 1 sale per year.
VIP is being favored so much. Fells like when support told us coin sales were not VIP exclusive it was a lie.