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Coin Sales - Part 2

Same situation. I bought 4 big ones last time. Need 105 more cash for buying one this time. I hope there’s some cash links tomorrow.

Should be around 160 cash tomorrow

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Several VIP coin sales again. Another today.

Appears to be one every few weeks. Ludia is failing to show us coin sales aren’t mostly VIP exclusive.


That’s because they are probably meant to be mostly VIP exclusive. Gotta have perks for VIP otherwise what’s the point.

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They have perks in vip.

Extended drone range
Extended battery
Better incubator for DBI.
Frequent sales in the store.

I don’t know what else. But coin sales were at one point more frequent for non vip than they have been for the last year. Now it seems to be roughly every 6 months. I have almost 14k hard cash saved up for the next coin sale. In the past I would only seem to be able to save enough for 1 large purchase.

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One of their staff specifically told us (either near the beginning of this thread or Phil’s other one) that coin sales were not a VIP exclusive. We figured they were and simply wanted to know since that is how it appears but we were told otherwise.

Edit: it was the other thread, but further up Phil shared a screenshot of it.

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I accidentally bought a rare incubator, only enough for two this time. :pensive:Lol.

Ugh I’d be upset.

I’ve been saving my hard cash too for a coin sale, specially since the matchmaking change made force-opening incus in the arena a nightmare I have no wish to be part of.

I kinda was hoping that for St. Pattys aka a gold/coin focused theme, we would get a chance to spend our resources.
But not, we normies get forgotten one more time.
It’s becoming quite a tiring trend.

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You are confusing the terms ‘perk’ and ‘exclusive’.

@Ned is correct, that they are not VIP exclusive. Non-VIP get them too, but not as frequently. It’s just like VIP sometimes get to buy extra Boosts, but boosts are not exclusive to VIP.

It does suck that non-VIP don’t get coin offers as regularly, but no-one from Ludia has told you they are not a perk of VIP, which clearly they do seem to be.

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We can buy boost as free players all the time so it’s not that much more of a perk for vip to get them occasionally compared to free players. However the coin sales seem to be once every 6 months or so. Vip gets them many times between our far and few opportunities. Do you. It recall a time when they were more frequent?

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I’m not claiming non-VIP don’t get them frequently, my point was the guy claimed Ludia said they were not a VIP perk, when clearly they said they were not a VIP exclusive. There’s a big difference.

It is more than likely more regular coin sales for VIP is a VIP perk.

If I was responding to posts about the frequency of non-VIP coin sales I would have replied to one of those posts.


The meanings of the words perk and exclusive are not lost to me. I’m actually not sure why I used the word perk when I was meaning exclusive. Lol I shouldn’t rush when I respond, it’s fixed now. It’s definitely a perk. I do wish they would give us slightly more in depth responses though. They never like to indulge more information about the resources in the store. I’ve asked them specific questions about coin sales and the only answer we ever got was the one above (likely because it’s the only positive answer they could provide us with). It actually shocked me that we got that answer. Lol!

There is definitely a lot of inconsistency as Phil mentioned. Boost sales are available to non-members almost as much as VIP. They know what they are doing, and they know it’s frustrating people. Maybe they realized coin sales are the only notable “perk” of VIP. :rofl: I tried VIP and it wasn’t really worth it. Of course when I did, coin sales weren’t as frequent, lol! Go figure.

When are we seeing a coin sale again? Been a while for non-VIP players.

Been banking dna for long enough and the level up prices are just far too high to do anything major without the coin sales.

When can we expect the next one devs?

Coins sales were frequent when there was no VIP corner. Now that there is, Ludia feels there is no need to sell them to non-VIP since non-VIP aren’t interested in coins.

Essentially Ludia cares about its assumptions and often is horribly wrong. Like Shores matchmaking and punishing lower level.players.

Wow okay.

Very sad. Poor behaviour from Ludias part. I play at 4k trophies and basically only face 5k+ and get beat on by level 30s with max boosts. So fun.

That’s why i am in need of coins. To level up dinos and make my uniques.