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Coin Sales?

Are we ever going to have another coin sale or is it only for the privileged VIP members now?


I hope yes.

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Possibly St Patrick’s Day? They seem to like to tie the sales to events


I was hoping for st. Patty’s day as well, but nothing. Wondering if there is a sale now for VIP. Then I might just do that free 7 day trial. I’ve been doing as many tap joy games as possible to build up the cash but it’s getting frustrating because I have plenty of DNA to rank up dinos, just never enough cash.

@ned @john would you guys please find out/confirm if coin sales are a thing of the past for free to play members and that it is now a VIP exclusive? Thanks.

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I’m a VIP member and even I dont get coin sales

Some of my team have reported numerous coins sales. Not like weekly but a couple of them.

Hey Phil, I can definitely pass the lack of coins sales feedback to our team! :smiley:

Also, coin sales are not exclusive to VIP members.



The reason I believe that coin sales are exclusive to vip is because some vip members showed us that they had coin sales but they were not in the regular store but only in vip.

Yes, can we have more coins sale please :slight_smile:


We should be able to buy bucks with coin. The free bucks on tap joy never work for me.

They want you to spends REAL bucks to buy bucks to buy coins lol.


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@Ned @john

This is what I’m talking about. We have not had a coin sale for hard cash with a bonus % in probably like a year. But on the other hand VIP have had these in the VIP section.

I asked if coin sales are now only VIP exclusives and Ned you told me that they aren’t.

Look at the vip vs non vip pics. This is not fair. Look how much hard cash I have saved up. It’s that high because I can’t even remember the last coin sale we’ve had.

Can us non vip members have this sale too or will Ludia admit that coin sales are just for vip?



I cant even remember the lase one we had

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When I was VIP (about the first 6 months of JWA), coin sales were about once a month, usually aligned with Holiday events. I think the last one I saw for non-VIP was 4th of July last year. Ugh.

I just want to spend my cash on coins so I can level up some of my non-team uniques to team level so I have more options without getting destroyed in the arena because of it. I’m getting close to 13,000 HC.

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Still no coin sale for non-VIP while VIP gets another. I’ve been VIP, though they lost me as a paying subscriber due to recent awful customer service, but the occasional coin sale does not make it worth it.

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@E.D Would you please help?