Coin sells

Does anyone have a right estimate as to how often the coin sells rolls around? Is it like every 3rd week or so? Bi-monthly?

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@Tim_G i try to keep track in this thread for non vip coin sales. Seems more like quarterly or something.


Thanks Phil

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Why haven’t we seen another coin event in like, 2 months? I have saved up since the last event and im on 7000 buck now just waiting for the coin event to get 33% extra coins in the bundles. But its been an eternity since the last coin event. At the start of the year, we had multiple of these events in short succession of each other, like 1 a week for a month and then it just dissapeared…

Anyone know when last coin sale was or when next one should be coming up? Thanks

Ive been holding off spending my HC as they always seem to happen within days of me doing so. I suspect we are due one but some communication would be nice (a calendar for them would be even better).