Coin shortage solutions

I think that we should get 1000 coins or each battle win and 100 coins if you loose.
It will give you the insensitive to keep playing even when your incubators are full.

Also I think we should be allowed to convert DNA to coins.

I have 6 dinosaurs with over 10,000 DNA for each that I will never use

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Don’t give such ideas… Ludia will transform them into some kind of terrifying P2W strategy to drain even more cash from players.


Once you get to a certain level, coins stop being such a problem… At least that’s how it’s been for me. It’s been weeks since I’ve had less than 500k. And many players out there have millions.


Don’t level random things? I only level dinos on my main team. Have plenty of coins. Just need to work for it max out stops and complete all strike towers. Very easy to get well over 100k a week.


One word: Alliances

Even on a quiet day when I can’t play much due to other commitments I still pull in at least 20K a day. It’s about hitting every supply drop, donating to Alliance requests and getting the daily strike towers.

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I regret spending 4500 cash on coins once at a sale… I have over 1 million coins now.
Really, if you don’t level up EVERY dino you have to insane levels, you can manage just fine with the standard cash flow that you have. Just donate what you can and open as many supply drops as you can per day, and the rest is from strikes and missions. You’ll be swimming in coins.


Same here. I have currently 1.3M coins. Enough for levelling serveral dinos from L26 to L27 but you have to wisely spend. If I didn’t spend the cash at the sale, I would have more boosts now. Btw, I am a F2P.

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Just stop leveling useless creatures, only level relevent dinos.

Coins become less important later in the game.

Lorem ipsum (:

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I’ve also noticed that if I put a real priority (maybe it’s my top priority) on opening supply drops and hitting the max daily limit on coins, I run low much less frequently. (With the exception of the annoying, buggy, and useless “treasure chase” going on today, where a chest sticks around for 15 minutes then has about a 50% chance of requiring a restart if you actually want to select anything on the map, if I max out on supply boxes and treasure chests as a level 20 player, that comes to just over 200k coins a week, and that’s not counting awards from completing challenges, opening incubators, or winning Arena battles.) I also put a “moratorium” on myself maybe every other week, where I do not level up any of my dinosaurs; it’s amazing how quickly your coin balance explodes when you stop spending them, even for just a small, defined period of time.

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nice kotnikcandor

@KotnikCandor we need more coins

More green bucks are actually more useful. As you progress, when your dinos get higher levels, since it requires more DNA to level up a high level dino, there is enough time to accumulate sufficient coins for levelling up. So coins is not a problem at high level. Green bucks can be changed to boosts, coins or incubators or scents whatever you want. As a F2P, I can save up for a maximum of about 500 green bucks per week (I don’t play Tapjoy), just enough to buy a pack of boosts.

what level is that??

A whole week without going below 500k?! Most weeks I’m struggling to stay above 10k! And I image we’re both level 20!