Coin shortages

I have been playing the game for roughly a week know and I cannot really progress without more coins. Problem is that there’s no way for free players to earn coins besides exploring, battling or doing the one free challenge a day. You may think that should be enough opportunity for coins but the issuse is I am not strong enough to go any farther in exploration nor strong enough to really battle anyone (especially since the game keeps putting my weakest guy on the field) and the one challenge isn’t really giving xp or gold to the point where I can really progress.

Just do the chest and adventure and if you want drop down in trophies to help you out that’s what some people do.

Do the tapjoy free gems. Many threads on how to easily get 2000 - 3000 gems in a matter of day or 2. Which in return will blow past the paywall

I don’t understand the developers. That really is a stupid marketing plan. “Stop playing our game. Go play a different game for a few hours so you can get the resources to play a little more in ours”

Quests should be a big source of income for you too

There just plain needs to be more content. 1 free dungeon every 4 hours is barely a game. And if you pay gold to play the other dungeons it negates the point of getting gold loot from them…

No other modern mobile game limits its gameplay so much. Every other limit follows from that.

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Agreed quest play a part in getting gold but quest take too long to refresh