Coin Special...but

So I got a notice in messages saying there is a special on coins, but on the market it just has the usual. Has anyone else got this?

it’s in the top special offers with the trainer bundle. costs real currency.

It’s essentially half off the price of coins.

Let’s take a look at the ‘value’ of the Coin Special package:

50,000 coins purchased in bulk has an in-game ‘value’ of $6.00 USD. Purchase price is $4.99 USD so a savings of $1.01 USD over bulk purchase of coins at regular prices.


it may be savings,
but i still like to purchase my coin sales with HC I’ve earned in game. Trying to watch my spending and only purchase with real currency every once in a while.

I’d weigh in with an opinion, but when I tap the banner nothing happens! Another broken part of this game…

Even at half off with non-bulk HC purchase, I didn’t consider it.