Coin special offer?

When will we have a coin special offer? I’ve collected 1200 cash, but I don’t want to buy coins without a special offer :slight_smile:

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Normally every few weeks but no one really knows when they will do it

Quick advice, marvel strike force offer from Tapnoy. I got 1100 dollars and it took 90 minutes. The SW game got me I think 300 and that took 45 min.

In every country you have different tapjoy offers. In Russia we have only poor and cheap offers, most of them are for 10-50 cash. But when I was in USA a week ago, there they have hundreds of offers and so great!
So, lucky you, that in your country you have these offers.

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What’s SW?

Star wars… Cant remember the exact name, galaxy of heroes maybe. Both were easy

I’m almost out of coins. I have been waiting for offer I can use my hard cash on. Has there even been any offer since 1.4 was released? :thinking:

I know for sure that there has been no coins for hard cash offer since the last 2-3 weeks.
Been waiting for either 500/4500 hard cash offer.

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1.5x hard cash on Tapjoy at the moment; I haven’t looked in a long time and there are some good new offers (UK) - just done £24 worth of free craft beer for the delivery charge of £2.95. 1260 hard cash and free beer! :slight_smile:
PS If anyone hasn’t done the Dollarshave one I would recommend it - great product - good reward and has saved me a fortune in blades.

Finally we got coin offer.