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Coin to upgrade dino's

I really wish their were more ways to get coin and or cash for upgrading our dinosaurs. No matter what I do I can never seem to get enough coin for upgrading. And I do sometimes spend real money to buy the above and still can’t get enough.


I don’t know what u mean by upgrading because in order to level up u require food. As for the ways to get coins being being low; you are probably an early game player. So you probably don’t get enough coins according to your level. You will probably suffer from lackage of coins and food if you play the game whole day consistently and fast at early stage. But as time passes, believe me you will find ways to spend your coins you will have that many. Its a game of patience and designed to be played slow and steady. U shouldn’t probably spend real money on coins since you will only regret it later (unless you are jeff bezos). As to sum things up play the game and enjoy and in some weeks you will start to see your coin production increasing on a larger rate.


Ty for your quick reply. Yes in only a level 14 ugh I love this game and I do play all the time. Can’t wait to get the coin to boost/ upgrade my dino’s lol. Ty again for your reply it gives me hope that I’ll be able to level up the 25 dino’s I have ready to upgrade​:wink::+1:

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It will be a fun journey for you! Take your time. Coin product will not be an issue further down the line. DinoBucks will be an issue throughout the whole game though lol.

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