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So, I get within 6 trophies of my high score. I start the next battle and I get the purple screen glitch before I can even select my first dino. After I reload the game (which takes forever) I am already down one, with the next already out and next to no health left. Needless to say I lose and POOF! 40 trophies disappear. Frustrated I start another battle. After the first move the timer sticks at 0 and nothing happens. Again, restart to a loss and POOF 32 more trophies go. Since then I have gone 1-8 and all losses have been for 30 or more, with one win for 24.

@Ludia_Developers - whatever you’ve done it really sucks and this games performance and your silence only go to prove that you are careless and poor in your work, with no one to answer to since you obviously couldn’t care less about the performance of your game, nor how it effects those of us that play it. It is painfully obvious you have no pride in your work. If I were you, I would be ashamed to have my name listed in the credits for this game.


This really hits home. The purple screen happens and you already know you just got cheated out of trophies. Clear cache, restart your connection, and know it is going to happen again in a few hours, or hopefully longer this time. Time to spend another 2 hours recovering those stolen trophies.

The one that hurts me more is the vanishing buttons glitch. I am sure you have seen it before too. No button to push to use that final kill attack. To me, this one is worse because you see the win right in front of you and can’t push the button to win it.

Sure would be nice if the game…worked.

I’ve never had the purple screen bug before, knock on wood, but i’ve had multiple instances of disappearing buttons and even frozen timers. Nothing much I can do about the buttons, restarting the game doesn’t work 80% of the time. And as for the timer freezing, i give it 5-7 seconds before i restart the game. If i’m lucky, i’ll get right back in before the timer is up. A lot of the time tho, buttons disappear and i have a whole new problem.

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