Coincidental Crit Streaks Way Too Coincedental


I can’t tell you how many times my team gets one-shotted by an overlevelled (Another thing that’s annoying as hell) Velociraptor or T-Rex, which is probably supposed to happen, but it’s a problem when they get long streaks of critical hits. And I’m not limiting this to high crit dinosaurs. This happens to me a lot with 5% crit chances dinosaurs. Mostly on the OPPOSITE TEAM. Coincidence? I think not. I know many people will deny this, but I refuse to believe that criticals are random or at least totally random. I am mostly interested to see how many people agree with me on this. Although probably not many because I’m probably just unlucky.


Lately a standard dino team contains one, two or even all of those crit heavy dinosaurs; trex, raptor & allo. They are very good simply because players only like rarity; “low level” epics are mostly like low level commons ; either their health or dmg is just too low (there are exceptions). One encounter with any crit heavy is an easy meal. 20-40% crit really is a very big % and it will happen often but its still a % so its quite unreliable if countered properly. Mostly its easily countered by dmg reductions, speed and in general health / level (see below for a picture). High level commons are still very viable over an epic; i’m rank 220 and my team has only 2 epics; all the others are common & rare and every single one of them gets rarely if not never one shotted. If you’re getting one-shotted you should consider getting other dinosaurs in your team or switch dino in battle because of the bad matchup. Or you’re in the “right” arena; try getting more & better dinosaurs while the competition gets tough! Thats why overlevelled dinosaurs are ‘op’ if used correctly! :wink:


But it wasn’t about dinosaurs that are supposed to get more criticals than others getting crit streaks, which I said was probably supposed to happen, or overleveled dinosaurs. It’s about dinosaurs without the high critical chance getting these streaks. I just don’t think it’s a coincidence. But I appreciate the tips.


Ya i recently had a battle where my opponent got 3x stuns with minor stunning strike (10%) so i feel your pain; especially since its a triceratops that has multiple stun skills which also worked out lol. Then again i did my 75% stun and didn’t get the stun… How unlucky is that haha. I guess just really unlucky. Most of the time my 5%s either never crit or crit a lot. Same for the stuns really.