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Coincs after winning arena battle and Coins in arena incubator list

Hi just to check does the number of coins you received after battle increase in each arena level?
I heard that the number of coins maxed out at 360 in Aviary, which means even if you got to lockwood library the coin reward per battle won is still the same.

Also the coins in the incubators will be the same in Aviary, Lockwood Library, Gyrosphere Depot and Nublar shores, is that right?

Yeah pretty sure it’s 360 above aviary too, but never really paid attention to it. Small amounts of coins don’t influence my mountain of coins! Maybe it’s based on level and it maxes out at 20?
And welcome!

Lockwood library is same rewards as aviary in coins and incubators. Only reason to climb higher is a personal “status” feeling.


And more Miragaia!!!11


Can’t believe I overlooked the mirigaia dna! Thanks for reminding me of that gem!