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Coins and money

How is everyone getting so many coins and so much money on the game?

I win battles and hit every supply drop, but I still have 12 dinos to upgrade and no money or coins to do it with!

I’m at 98. It only gets worse the higher you level. :woman_shrugging:

They key is to only spend coins on dinos that will lead to your final team… sure leveling miragaia to 20 will help you in the immediate future its a long term waste of coins. Because it will get outclassed by legendaries and uniques… spend coins leveling dinos that not only can be useful on your team but can hang by themselves in a early and mid games. Epics like baryonyx and rex can be taken to 15 for now. Kapro is a decent choice in the early game and can be leveled to 15 as well.

Resist the urge to level everything and only level stuff that can be used to make legendaries and uniques. Even then where your getting into dinos that take 60k plus for one level you might end yp saving coins for a whole week for one level.