Coins and rewards be damned

I’m heading down to about 2000 trophies where the game isn’t a ridiculous mess. Absolutely sick of boosteroided monsters that go against every “balance” tenant that Ludia used to express. Whoever is in charge of the direction this game is supposed to take, well, they’ve done a terrible job.


I started a WiFi only account on a no longer used device a couple months ago. This game is more fun at the lower levels and being competitive without actually going out is entirely possible, especially with the drone interaction range increase and alliance contributions. Badlands is a great arena with some nice diversity.


Not too long ago I dropped all the way to 60 trophies, then worked my way back up to aviary, just to see when all the boost nonsense started, and it was around 2500, so I’m going back to 2000 or so. Like you say, interesting things, and fun!

Fighting in aviary, not only do you see the same dinos, but every fight goes pretty much the same way.

Opponent dino #1 - Magna or elidom, boosted. Eventually manage to take out #1?

#2 - Insanely boosted thor. ALWAYS. Thor chomps your team into oblivion. About to kill thor?

#3 In swaps DC. Kills your final dino for the 1-3 loss.

I would say about 80% of my battles go that way.



I decided to have some fun last night and swapped out most of my team to lower level unboosted dinos + Magna and my 30 d2. I lost about 500 trophies while experimenting with different random teams but it was pretty fun. I’m gonna do it again tonight. I’m either an easy win or an unbeatable Magna. There are only 2 choices with that kind of team haha

I did similar last night. Four under L10 (three swap in bleeders, which was kind of fun) and then 4 of my top dinos. Actually climbed a bit!

I was also surprised how often the “random” team selection gave me all four low level dinos. More often than you would think.

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Yeah i went more than 10 in a row without Magna when i was doing that. It was the most creative losses I’ve ever had haha. It was hilarious to swap in a 2k health Monomimus and start dodging like crazy just to make them work for the win.