Coins are TOO hard to come by, without spending money


Litterally needs to get more coins. being in the mall at my city for 2 hours barely gave me 1k coins, and i need 4k for one upgrade now.

I refuse to pump cash into a game just to upgrade.

I also have VIP, and it seems like it doesnt do ANYTHING!!


But please, gold from stops needs to be upped, or some other way to earn it. Daily rewards or something. 10 quests a day = 10k gold.


I find that battling a lot is better for getting coins. 150ish per battle plus whatever you get from the incubator assuming you win


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Dude. Don’t get me wrong I do spend but I rakked in 6k in 3 hours. Just find a park and hit the event boxes over and over


I have 15,706 (from the time of this post) just from doing incubators and supply drops

I tend to do 3-4 3 hour ones a day and then an 8 or 12 hour one when I go to sleep and get quite a bit from them everyday

Something worth trying and you’ll see some good results


I made 2k battling. Just battle over and over, and win.


I need more than 15k just to get half them upgraded


I understand that… But you clearly have 26000 in your account :thinking:


From today. I got 29 dinos awaiting higher levels upgrades.
I Spent All Day spinning and is capped again. Used maybe 1000 to upgrades for exp but still shows that my Cash is very still standing compsred to how much i need to upgrade my whole battle team fully.

I calculated in my head i need 39k for my whole battle team to spend All the DNA i have stored.