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I really think you should give us an incubator when we level up. I don’t want to keep buying these one time offers. I collected dna and evolved Dino’s to level up so I should get that incubator for free!
I already pay the $10 a month for VIP but I still feel like I have to spend money so I can evolve my bigger dinosaurs. Coins are needed a lot more now and it’s getting ridiuclously difficult. Even for a game!
This game already consumes my life, I can’t spend all my time running to supply drops. I have to hit several everyday already!

I mean, it technically is a free incubator and coins. You’re only paying for the cash in the level up offers.

But if I don’t pay for the special offer, I get nothing. Just more DNA per dart. No incubator when you level up.

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