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Coins Cost and Collecting Needs overhauled

This game is great it’s fun when you just starting out, collecting dino’s, coins, Fusing New Dino’s Etc… Than you hit mid game and the Paywall hits you smack in the face. Now I am not sure if Ludia only new customers or what but so many people including my self get turned off mid game and I’m not even going to mention Endgame Dino’s.

Basically the cost up evolving your dino’s is just to expensive vs how much coin you can collect. Now I know they need to make money but this is just way expensive to for causal gamer the system truly needs an overhaul.

Now I can think of a couple of things right off the bat. Decrease the Cost of Dino Evolution per level!! 30000+ to upgrade level 18 is just crazy with how much you can collect.

Increase the amount of coins you can collect per day
Add Coins to daily incubators
Increase Coin per Incubators
Greatly increase Coins per Raid boss (this is hard and should reward you better)
Have a tiered leveling cost per Rarity Common. Rare, Epic etc…
Better Sales on coins the cost of coins per Real cash is just too high.
VIP should have a daily or monthly incubator just for them with coins. Your paying 10 bucks a month and really don’t get much.

I think if they did this they could grow there player base and keep people playing after midgame. One thing about pokemon go is it does not cost you a lot of out game money to collect and evolve your catches.

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Surprise nobody has a comment on this today I got my first level 20 dino 40k coins? Like that’s insane on how much you can collect. It would take weeks which I guess is what they want or 10 bucks in cash just to level one dino to 20. I have like 4 more so it will take me months or about 50 bucks and no one think this is crazy expensive for a mobile game? Honestly I don’t understand how they keep there player base/

if you max out your supply drops daily, do every strike tower, complete all your daily missions, battle regularly, and only level up what you need to level for your team, you save up a lot of coin.


Oh I do and I join an alliance that gets at least level 6 weekly chest but to get the Uniques you have to level your dinos to 20 and the cost is so enormous it’s putting me off to even want to play this game. Getting stuff to 15 to get the Legendries was not that bad, but the next step just seem so outrageous on there cost and I can’t even imagine what it would cost to get to 26.

I mean this last tournament was so horrible my level 15 dinos fighting 25+ it just was not fun and I am sorry I am not about to spend at least 50 Dollars a month just so I can compete with people in tournaments on top of the 10 bucks a month on VIP.

I’ve done this song and dance with every single unique. only sonosaurus left to get to 20 for its hybrid. It’s a grind heavy game and finding the most efficient means of coin collection for you should be a priority.

for me, i skip most tournaments save for the free entry and 10 takedown points. I battle well beyond getting my incs for the day. Complete every strike tower i can. Spin stops all day. I ignored VIP since dropping it for the second time a year ago; wasn’t worth the money. I don’t level everything at once. just things i need at that moment. Focusing on one hybrid at a time. if i’m content with my arena placement, i’ll stop leveling my team for a time and just bank dna and wait for a time where i can level 4-5 creatures at once. save up HC and buy coin bundles in the shop when there’s a sale.

at this point the majority of my uniques need 80K+ coin for a single level. it isn’t worth it to try and level everything. its much cheaper to bank dna via multifusions for later if something on my main gets nerfed.


Never had any coin troubles. Just don’t level up every dino. It’s not that hard to make wise choices in this game.


I’m finishing uniques constantly. Usually max one in two weeks. It’s 1120000 coins to max unique from 21. Never had issues with coins. I’m spinning drops, donating dna, winning battles, doing strike towers, aiming for top 100 in coins tournament and buying coins for cash when needed.

It’s tough lvling dinos, but doable.

So I see so basically don’t play the game to it fullest? Limit what you can do and horde and grind for months and than at some point in a year from now I can eventually play the game and tournaments, raids and Etc… Or spend a Crazy amount of money to play a mobile game. Got it :slight_smile:

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How long does it take you to get 112k coins?

thats 1.12 mill.


If you want to level up every single dino for every single tournament, yes you will be broke. I chose not to bother. It’s either you have enough money available and be happy with a top 20000 spot every week, or you spend millions and millions to end up in the top 500, which also requires a tremendous amount of playing. For me not worth it, never have enough time to battle in weekends anyway.

To say that I don’t play the game to its fullest is a laughable offense, but sure whatever.

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lol how long does it take to collect that amount? without purchasing coins?

Okay, maybe you do because I don’t play your game so you are correct on that. But the Argument here is the Mid game cost to level a team of 8 Dinos to level 20 vs the amount of coins you can collect to me seems crazy expensive and I feel like they could increase the way we get Coins to make is not such a Grind but still have it that if You want to buy coins or Cash you can. I mean the whole point of this game is to collect dino’s level a team and be somewhat competitive in PVP and raids and I feel like to get there its a long long road of grinding or very expensive.

depends. you get 15K coins daily from the orange stops. 7500 from the green.
how often are you opening incubators (speeding up with HC?) how often are you battling and what arena (affects coin gain). available strike towers vary sometimes theres more that give only a small amount of coin. how often do you donate to your alliance, what do they ask for?

lots of factors that change and vary constantly, so an exact time isn’t possible to narrow down. but an estimate is a bit easier if you know all the rough factors.

Around 3 weeks. Since Poukandact championship start maxed Smilonemys and Pterovexus from lvl 21. Currently lvling Entelolania. Got it to 23.

Didn’t purchase coins as I’m waiting for possible Easter sale. Had some coins saved, but never go under 200k coins.

Edit: Only 9 uniques left to finish.

It’s probably easy to get about 40k on average per day. There are rare or epic strike towers all the time, you get lots of coins from all alliance achievements and from battling.

Coin chase every Sunday with a reset in the middle, I got 50k the last day from that alone.

And don’t forget my personal favorite: DONATE EVERYTHING. I must have gained millions by just donating. Every alliance member does 2, now even 3 requests per day. It adds up really, really fast.

im loving the epic donations. 1000 coins per person on average. its great. and i’d have more coin if i didn’t need to level non team stuff for achievements. saving what’s left until Ludia’s big balance patch comes out. not wasting coin on leveling something that may get nerfed hard in a month.

I actualy thought the same when i was mid game

Later on u realy see that u should be making wise choises with coin. And if u spin drops, do something in coin tournaments(which always set everything to 26 and allow no boosts, tho calling them skill realy does not aply), do strike towers it eventualy becomes pretty easy

Also just a few lvls in JWA can make a huge diffrence, between a win and a loss, between getting demolished in an apex raid or smootly doing it, so if there was all that coin everywhere, people would progress too fast, and kinda too quickly reach the endgame which doesen’t realy have much content right now

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Not to brag but I currently have 10 dinos at level 30, and I just spent 1.4m coins for achievement purposes. I still have 3.4m coins left.

I bought a coin pack with 4500 hard cash twice I believe, when there was a sale. Regret that now.

Besides thos 10 level 30s everything else is at unlock level, with a handful of exceptions.

I have played every single day since the launch of the game, that is also why I’m “rich”.

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And how much do you play on Avg Per day. And do you have VIP and if you don’t how much walking do you do I am curious