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Coins Cost and Collecting Needs overhauled

I don’t have VIP, I never spent a single dollar or euro on the game.

I just play too much, agreed. But these days I almost never max out supply drop coins. I do donate my behind off though.


One thing that i will say tho is that raids should give some coin, many alliances have to do multiple raids in order to get everyone on that day through, and i feel like they should get something back for it. Or at least from the incubators that don’t give boss dna, like the ones that u get after completing the raid once

That plus unique fusions sometimes seem kinda expensive

Yeah, So I do All the Strike tower Except the Solid gold I think I was able to get once by sheer luck with my current level of Dino’s. I spin daily but I never Reach the 15K limit just don’t have enough time to do that. I to my daily 10 PVP Chest, My alliance gets about level 6 to 7 chest weekly I do all the 19 or less raids. I get my daily DINO of the month DNA. And I do the tournaments every time there available.

And I am still having coins Issues.

Don’t have VIP. Only used that free week they gave. VIP is not worth. Lately don’t max always coins from drops. Last two weeks didn’t have any event drop in range, so walked in circles around and in park. One a bit longer walk daily (hour and half on average), sometimes two. Though second is usually short, for strike towers.

Oh and I do Have VIP and bought (2) 327500 coins 4500 Cash chest when they were on sale.

Increase coins? They decreased the amount of coins you get from strike towers without even mentioning it.

Until you need to lvl ingredients for hybrids, you will run out of coins fast. After you have all ingredients lvled and uniques around lvl 23, you hit the wall, as lvling your team slows down, you don’t need to spend coins on ingredients, except after updates, so coins slowly accumulate.

Started lvling all creatures to lvl 10 and focused on tournament teams. Later alternated lvling team and tournament teams. Stopped lvling tournament teams, as hit a wall, where I need to boost them to improve. So focused on finishing uniques, that then can focus back on tournament teams.

Yeah, that why I made the list of suggestions on how they could increase coins to make the game little more fun and not seem such a grind instead of having people who want quit the game when they hit mid game like me. I know this is not Pokémon Go or Harry Potter but they do not seem to have this issue at mid game at least in my opinion.

Actually, I like that is a grinding game. PoGo was grinding game too, at start. Then they make it to easy without any goal or purpose. Really don’t want JWA going into PoGo direction.

I’m never against earning more coins though. Only making evolves cheaper, is probably impossible, as too many players that already lvled creatures with current costs, would be angry.

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They don’t charge for any weekly tournament and haven’t for quite a long time.
I’m not mistaken, am I?

they haven’t charged to enter in a long time. but for where i would normally place in mostly any tournament, it’s better if i just battle normally in the arena. i get much more coin. and i’m not really concerned with HC. Dna is a wash since some advantage tournaments are better than others.

Oh… I don’t get that at all.

I’m a part of an alliance, and if even one of us doesn’t get 10 kills (at least) in tournament every week, then we don’t get T8 (or this month, T9) incubators. The unique DNA is worth far more than the coins I could earn in that half-hour.

i’m in a very casual alliance. half participate in the torunaments and we typically hit 6/7-8/8 on alliance missions. with us only hitting rank 5 sometimes rank 6 for championships, its worth more of my time to coin farm than to farm points in tournaments that i find mostly boring. I’ll get my entry and 10 takedowns, but if it isn’t fun, i’ll do something else.

That surprises me.

You’ve been such a notable player and have been around so long, I just assumed you were in a top ranked (hardcore) alliance. Today I learned…

i’m pretty casual myself, tho still a bit competitive. I play at my own pace. sometimes thats 30+ battles a day after work. other times i’ll go a few days with out any save for specific strike towers.



The game is kinda slow until a certain point once you get a few uniques and higher level dinos coins are easier once you can consistently beat every gold tower 15k a piece and are in a good alliance where you get around 40k every week from alliance missions and then coins tourneys can get ya a good 25k at that point its not a huge issue especially considering it takes a while to get the dna to level up the uniques and stuff you just need to get a little farther into the game and then stuff should become easier on ya also it’s a good idea to only level like 6-10 dinos

Heh, you haven’t even hit uniques yet. You won’t like this game…

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Yay looking forward to it lol