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Coins for Losing


I think it would be a good idea to give players coins when losing an arena match, maybe 50% of what they’d get from a victory. To prevent people from just afk farming coins they could make it so you have to kill at least 1 of their dinos to qualify for it. I feel it would help players not get as stressed and annoyed when they lose, and generally help people get coins.

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I agree. It’s so frustrating when you loose and don’t get anything at all. Maybe you have spent a lot of time in a match and then you get nothing when you loose.

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Just like they have dino’s you can only get from incubators, they should make a loose only obtainable dino they give DNA out only when a person looses a PVP match 1 DNA x your level.

Make it new and only dino with 0.33 regeneration for 3 rounds with swap in 100% dodge and swap out 100% stun (Stun and Run). This way your next dino doesn’t get a free hit. It’s weakness will be only a 1X damage. Regeneration does no damage but make it at least 128 speed.


I’d be happy with 10%


I thought getting a small amount of DNA from any dinosaurs you defeated would be a nice reward as your dinosaurs that battled them would come away with bits of the opponent’s dinosaurs stuck to their claws and teeth.

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That wouldn’t work at higher arenas though since almost every dino you’ll see is a hybrid.


Anything to get more coins. I have 102 dinos that i can level up multiple times.


If matchmaking was decent, you would win about 50% of your games (and loose about 50%) and everybody would be happy. The only problem with this game is the fact that too many players unrank themselves to win more games quickly. If they fix the matchmaking (by making it so it cannot be manipulated so easily), everybody will win enough that they would not need a solution for loosing sooooo many games.

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Maybe. But by small amount I mean just a couple. You’d have to defeat (not just see it in battle) the dinosaur a lot to collect enough to actually unlock or level any dinosaur. Hybrid and non-hybrid dinosaurs are both viable sources of DNA. Although possible a person will face something they haven’t even started on yet, most of the dinosaurs a person faces in battle they should either already have unlocked or be working on. It would also help in those zones where people rarely or never see the dinosaurs. It gives players a way to collect towards and obtaining the dinosaurs they are facing in battle.

The battle coins were a nice addition to the battling, but the battle incubator tends to award DNA that I already have an over abundance. And if all incubator slots have not been filled then losing multiple battles (especially to opponents that don’t belong in the arena) just becomes frustrating. Although I tend to agree that participation awards is not a good thing in any competition, leisure time is valuable and not something that everybody has so repeated losing battles against players that intentionally derank themselves is an infuriating chore that many don’t want to use their limited free time with so gaining a little something for that time at least makes it not feel like quite the waste.


A way that it could work instead of just giving you the hybrid DNA its self but giving you some DNA of both components


Participation trophies. I was wondering how long before it was blatantly requested and agreed as being good.

Well I’m out 50 bucks and my wife is gonna rub my nose in it.


Will there be some people just start the battle and then wait without tapping any move buttons until the battle ends?