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Coins? how and where do i get them

How can I get coins to match for my updates on my dinosaurs??? I have 15-$6000, 8-$8000, 3-$10000, 2-$20000,-$15000, and 1-$30000, that I need coins for,but all I get is like 33 coins here 33 coins there once in awhile I get a couple hundred coins if I go into the incubators to fight but never anywhere near enough two of my dinosaurs!!!
Please somebody help me how do I get the money I don’t have money myself to buy more money all I can do is play please come to the point where all I do is log on and collect the money and then log back off everyday after a couple of weeks I can maybe up one dinosaur
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :frowning:( `


Same, I’m so broke!


Doing all the strike towers, the daily missions, the alliance missions, and spinning supply drops will get you coins in no time.


Coins are like the most precious resource in this game. Its not that way in the beginning, its DNA at that point. But, things get so coin hungry that many times I find myself sitting on dinos to upgrade but not enough coins to do so.

You can get them fast, but they go fast too. Like @GPx suggested, towers, missions, and supply drops, + what you mentioned, incubators, + everyone in your alliance requesting easy plentiful commons and then continuously donating back and forth. You can get a few hundred thousand a week doing all these things.


If you do this, you can get around 5,000 in day. I didn’t even need to do battles.


Spinning boxes is the best option: over $20,000 and 50 HC per day. Battles give coins. Yellow strike towers give $11,000-15,000.
And if you get really desperate, there’s always Tapjoy.
I just levelled up 26 to 27. $120,000 coins. Good luck!


Also only level what you need to, don’t level stuff just because you can, otherwise you’ll regret it.

To go a little more in depth spending coins wisely you need to plan for the future more then you need to improve your current team. Just cause you have something on your team… doesnt mean leveling it is the best use of coins…

No matter how strong your team is your gonna hit a wall…where you win 50% of your matches. You hit a spot where coins are better spent leveling components of dinos you want to make rather then upgrading something your currently playing. It might feel bad leveling something your not gonna use immediately… but it feels worse to know you have enough dna to create a hybrid but have to level something up to start fusing.

Also judging by this amount that you need to lvl up I think you are in Jurassic ruins am I correct but in all honesty try to get better creatures not by lvling up but getting their hybrids if you can