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Coins in game usage?


Is there really any uses for the coins in the game other than upgrading your dinosaurs…? Ive got way too much to know what to do with in the game :sweat:


Way too much coins ??? Its not possible . Keep them you will cry when you need to lvl up dinos on higher lvls.
For me it cost 30k ( 30 000) coins to lvl up velociraptor from 18 to 19 lvl


For me its too much coins lol i guess I’m just used to games where you have a marketplace to buy things like eggs, certain qualities, etc for the coins you have.

I had over 77k and none of my dinos needed power ups so i was like…well what else can i use these for. And when I realized you couldnt buy dinosaurs or other things it bummed me out.

Unless that unlocks on the bigger fight tiers ??? Idk I just started so im still in lost kingdom.


Thick of coins like stardust in PoGo. If you want strong monsters you can never have enough stardust.