Coins in raids

Hello, how are you JWA players and LUDIA itself.

Here is an idea:

COINS IN RAIDS. NOT every raid to give coins, BUT to give coins when a “group of raids” are won.

For example players win ALL MONDAY RAIDS, and they get coin rewards - similar to the epic dna we all get when we complete all daily goals -. Applying similar and appropiate coin rewards for other raid days.

An alternative can be that if players win all raids of a TYPE they get coins.
Example, players that win sinoceratops, wooly mamoth, trex and erlikogamma, get coin rewards.
And once again, similarly if players win all legendary raids in the week, more coin rewards.

Applying the same for unique and apexes raids as well.

That way, players won’t get rewards at every raid, but will be encouraged to do EVERY RAID in the week and/or day.


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This is a good idea to get players who maybe don’t do the raids to do them, but I would take it a bit further.

Why not reward players who help others to get through raids with coins instead of useless dna?

I often find I don’t even get any dna after helping so many players through, so a coin reward would be most welcome, and would encourage more players to help others get through.


that’s right, I defeated Ceramagnus 7 times to help others.