Coins is a constant problem!


Maybe it’s just a problem in our house, but we constantly run out of coins to upgrade our dinos!
I currently have 17 I can upgrade but I need around 250.000 coins!!? What the heck??
It’s like I’m being punished for collecting DNA😞


i have 51 dinosaurs that i could upgrade, but not enough coins. i feel your pain.


We all feel you pain; 47 here including 2 on my main team. I max out my coin limits most days.


Who’ll buy the cow if they get the milk for free?

Upgrade currency is the bane of every f2p player, in every “free” game I’ve played. I feel your pain.


I’ve been playing since the beginning and I can first hand tell you that once a dino hits level 10 its coin count requirements skyrocket and it’s all a ploy for you to either buy the level up reward or buy the coins in the store. Otherwise it would take months to get any sort of dent in the coin requirement. The way they see it is that you can either spend your money or your time. So, to them it’s a way to get money out of peoples addictions and make a “hidden” cap to level ups. You ever wonder why everyone who doesn’t throw countless dollars at this game is stuck at around level 15 dinos? I’ve been floating around 40-50 dinos that need leveled up but I cant afford to spare the coin because I have a few dinos that require 50k+ just to level up once and it goes up but like 10k each level up… So, yes, it is a constant problem that will never get solved due to company greed. I mean hey that least it’s a flicker better than it was when they game first came out lol it was way harder to get the amount of coin needed and yet they only raised it by such a small amount that it really doesn’t make much difference when you’re capped at maybe 10k coin acquired daily and most level ups cost you 10k+ per…


It isn’t if you ask your wallet for help. That Ludia share a solid brotherhood with, way more accountable ever than anyone here in this forum does


I’m level 16 and post update 1.4 I can now get around 20K a day max - my Stegoceratops needs leveling but 50K required :frowning: Hoping the recent tourney reward incubator contains a decent amount of coin and maybe some hard cash (I have never got high amounts of hard cash but some got 6000/7000 from the last reward; that can buy a lot of coin especially if you wait for an offer).

If I could start again I would level everything up to L10 (good XP for not too much coin), then L15 or L20 if they have a hybrid or are particularly useful (my Stegosaurus is a L20 and was a mainstay of my team until I started getting Legendaries). I do have some that I look at and weep at how much coin I blew levelling them up :cry:


PQC I hear you there :cry: I wanted so much coin in the beginning because I figured that i would need to level them all up… nope! I’ve probably wasted 100k+ easily on level ups that weren’t needed… wish I could have that all back for a couple level ups that I need… it’s sad that one costs so damn much coin…


I hit 81 now that the flying reptiles are out. It gets worse as you progress. I tend to wait ages and save them up, do a bunch of evolving/fusing at once, then wait ages for more coins. :confused:


If I wouldn’t of wasted the coin I’d probably be up there with you Linaleigh lol I try to wait lol honestly I do but as a perfectionist and with a slight tinge of OCD it’s hard to let those dinos just sit there when I know they can be leveled up lol


With you on the perfectionism and OCD - throw in completism as well and this game is a therapist’s nightmare :crazy_face:


Wait util you need this xd


Ouch … and then ouch again


I started scouring the hard cash ads after leveling up dinos past 15. And then bought coins as needed. There’s a few ads that were beneficial. But 90% of them are garbage.



Welcome… To jurassic world alive


Coins are BS and always have been a problem. the devs are fully aware that everyone is having problems with coins and dont seem to care one bit.

They added some lame ass once a week treasure chase event that gave you 2.5k coins every 4 hours…big fat hairy deal, not helping at all and a waste of programing.


I feel the need to complete the Dex even if the Dino is unusable lol it makes coin management a hassle in itself lol


I Have 60 Dino’s that can be leveled-up 164 times. Some multiples of course. But nothing really important.

Fact is, you should NOT be wasting coins to level-up when it’s not needed. Think of it this way, did you level-up your Rattata and Pidgeys to the max?


Coins are how they control a sense of balance and make a profit out of players buying them. It won’t change much if it ever does.


im always short hard cash for epic, premium and legendary incubators. wonder if ludia will give me some :thinking: