Coins- or lack of


I think something needs to be done about the coins and how to get them. I farm supply drops, which is a huge waste of gas to try to level up all of my dinosaurs… not only are supply drops plus incubation coins rewarded in small numbers but after this update, there are so many more choices of dinosaurs. I cannot create hybrids and constantly hit 200 coins for some random 10 250 DNA points unless I spend actual money over and over again. And the special that’s going on right now is 500 cash for 3700 coins? My raptor is 10000 coins to get to level 17. So am I supposed to spend 1500 cash to level one dinosaur?? What about the other four dinosaurs I currently have sitting on my main team that need 10000 coins as well? I’ve spent so much money on this game, it’s really unfair that we have to work so hard.

There’s a really really good idea here. This game could be something huge. However, maybe look at what blizzard does… $15 a month. There’s all kinds of extra stuff to buy but you don’t have to spend money, that some people don’t have, to have good gear. I really hope that there’s a solution to this because I’m about to have to stop playing, I don’t like zero progression because I am competitive as many others are… But I’m not going to drive around the entire state just to level up for dinosaurs. :frowning:


10k is nothing compared to what I’ve been dealing with. I just spent $40 (real money) to get more in-game cash for coins because my raptor was 80k to level up last night. That new deal on coins is worth it when you compare it to the 250k coins deal. It’s 37,500 coins, not 3,700. I just got 3 of them today because most of my dinos are around level 20 or higher and I constantly need coins. I also drive around for about 2 hours each night to hunt. It’s just what you have to do if you want to be competitive. Maybe set up a carpool with friends and trade off on who drives each day/night. Also, I do think their prices are a little high but I just have to take a hit to the wallet if I want to keep playing on the level that I’m going for. I don’t enjoy paying for it but I do enjoy it after the transaction is done.


Yes, it is very difficult to get coins to level up your Dino’s.
I am playing for free and it is taking me FOREVER
To gather DNA strands and coins to create a formidable team.

New update seems to give a little more cash, but still has daily limits—

Whatcha gonna do?


Just barely hit level 8 today and blew through about 18k coins just trying to level up a small handful of dinos to actually get that last smidge of XP to hit that. Have 11k coins left and left wondering how I’m supposed to balance leveling my account if I cannot get the coins necessary to do that. DNA gathering is slow as molasses from being low(er) level and they don’t want us to farm lower level arena wins so I don’t understand their plan outside of trying to charge outrageous prices for a mobile game.