Coins please

Is it possible to create a package to purchase just coins? It seems to take a very long time to earn enough coins to level up any of the dinosaurs. I see there is packages for green bucks, what about creating one for just coins?


if the ones in the store for HC aren’t your thing, they do have coin sales on occasion for real currency. there hasn’t been one in a while but they do pop up from time to time.

Here’s the luck I got with a response from Ludia.

The VIP had 1 last week or week b4. I doubt Ludia is feeling generous after the reduction in revenue due to their own “greed” and Covid-19

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Whenever.i made this thread there was a coin sale a vip member showed me in my group.

I just bought coins at full price, so expect a sale tomorrow. You can thank me later.


How about that… coin sale today.


Took one for the team :’(