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Coins Reset on Orange Drops

So I had like 13K coins on my one account when I got to work. When i went for my lunch walk I see I’m back at 1K coins. I spin drops in reach between work items. I’m back up to 7K after walk. May hit 15K max by the time I get home. I’m good with 28K coins for the day.

Just the orange drops reset. Not the green. Don’t know why. Didn’t happen on 2nd account.

They removed the halloween scent and the interact items from the orange drops. So they are back to normal with feed, toys, 5 min scent, coins and hc.

It was legit for me. I got my coins for yesterday the night before. So I was able to get them again. Then I got today’s coins last night too. I like when Ludia messes up like this lol

Apparently someone messed up the script (dare I say “again”? In a happy non toxic way) cause I just got another Halloween scent :see_no_evil:

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They must not have fixed it. I just got a Halloween scent.

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I guess I better keep spinning!

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When you click that i icon is there Halloween scent? After yesterdays reset icon for Halloween scent and Interactions are gone.

Yes :woman_shrugging:t3:

Mine no longer shows the 0/1 after the mid day reset but I got it the night before for yesterday. I spun enough last night getting yesterday’s coins again and today’s that I would’ve got one.

So thats why you can get it. Reset obviously didn’t happen for you.

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