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Coins Serious Bottleneck


Hey All,
I’m trying to play for free and farm my daily limits in drops and also play the arena regularly, but find myself short on coins all the time. I feel like my DNA levels far out number the coins necessary to evolve the dinos.

Any tricks or suggestions?


Wait for coins from incubaters, battle a lot even if you dont need incubaters you still get coins. Other then that every player is struggeling with coins. Lvl only what you use or want. Some ppl have about 50 dinos ready to lvl up and cant


Accept that as something normal. After the first few levels coins are the main limiting factor.


What Myp said. If you have any bucks stockpiled, buying some coins might be your best use of them.


You’ve gotta spend your gold wisely in this game, no point levelling up dinos that aren’t going to fight in your team. Chasing player levels is for noobs. But what I don’t get is this diminishing returns for battling, why earn less coin when you fight more battles - that doesn’t make sense. I mean c’mon, how we supposed to make a living and raise dinosaurs around here?!?


I belive that is beacuse in that way you don’t play without stop 24/24h to grind some coins. A good idea could be to excange dna for coins. In that way you’re encouraged to collect dna even from useless creatures (sarcosuchus and so on…) becaus you can get a reward for this.


I agree with the comments, but my point is if I am grinding and getting a ton of DNA even for my battle dinos, but find myself unable to level them up for a whole week of week and a half it seems a little too unbalanced. I’m level 10 and don’t see much difference in the amount of coins in incubators or drops. Maybe have the coins in the drop boxes increase with your level?? Then we still have to grind for them, but it is in line with the exponential increase in coin needed for leveling up.


Use those coins on the lowest dinos you have until you reach L20. That’s the only way to earn XP.


I’ve reached 60 dinos that I could level, but can’t afford to, including some on my team and some I’d like to have on my team. It sucks.


For coins I just farm the special event supply drops. They can drop at most 176 coins if you get all 3 coins. You can make an easy 5000 if you farm a bunch, cause their coin cap is way higher than normal supply drops.


I’ve slowed down playing the game because of the coin issue. Even through battling, I can get 200+ coins or less than 30 coins per battle. The latter gets annoying real fast, considering that I’m teetering over the edges of two arenas right now so no quick fights for me. And when most dinos need excess of 6k coins, I don’t really want to imagine how much worse it’s going to get after this…

Anyway, my only tip would be the same as Irritator. Farm special event drops.


Its called a paywall…


6k Coins … that’s pretty cheap. Later on around LV 20 you are paying 40k/50k and way more Coins.