Coins to cash suggestion?


Am i the only one thathas waaayyyyy too many coins than they know wht to do with? I vote that there should be an option to convert a certain amount of coins into cash just because its stuoid hard to get cash and i have no clue how to get rid of all these coins, but i guess im set forever for leveling up


And your Level is ???


Obviously Level like 1-5. God I wish I had his problem. I just spent $50 to buy coin just so I COULD level up some of the 82 dinos I had that were ready to level.


If you have too many coins it is probably because you are very low level. It costs 10k coins just to level up 1 of my dinos at this point and I know higher level players cost probably 3 times as much. Save your coins because you will need them.


I can confirm. The dinosaurs on my team require 70000 coins each to level up once.


Send them to me. 2 of my dinos are gonna cost 90k to level up soon.


Level 8, just not many dinos around where i live, super hard to level them up


I have almost 200,000 coins and at level 8. Never spent real money. I’m waiting to collect enough cash to buy the vault of coins. I have about 1200 cash right now. I’m too cheap to level up my Dino’s. My highest level Dino’s are the one I use for battle and they’re only level 14.


I suggested this a long time ago. I still think even now that we have Treasure Hunting that it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Granted I’m grinding for coins, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing some for cash. Them Level Up Offers, man.


I think that level up offers are now IRL $ only, no in game cash.


I could swear I saw some where you could use in-game cash. Then again, I’ve only bought 2 level up offers.


No I bought one earlier today for in game cash


hang on to them lol… soon you’ll be paying 50,000+ coins to level up your dinos


What level are you at


12… it was the arena level up offer into arena 8


While you are starting the game, you will want to build up as many coins as possible! You will NEED THEM later. Max out your coins every day and build it up, because it will drain quickly when you start fusing and leveling up your dinos past level 10.