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Coins to Ceno Theory

In an effort to increase my ceno lineup I have been doing coins to ceno for the past 3ish weeks and I think there are some trends which I’m going to try to look into more. This hasn’t been recorded but I’m going to start recording my observations. I think the ceno that it offers is based on 2 things:

  1. Amount of coins you have - I think each ceno has a range.

For example, when I believe I had around 80-90mil I got a lot of andrewsarchus and diprotodon. But since my coin collection has gone up and I’m having 90+ mil I’ve got a lot of marsupial lions.

  1. Ferocity of your highest ceno (or sum of top X amount, I’m not sure exactly).

My highest ferocity is a lvl 2 VIP, and I have never gotten a tournament ceno offer, even though I am often near max coins.

My goal is to look into this in greater detail, and if true to create coin “brackets” For cenos to expect based on the current coins and top ferocity. This I hope will be helpful if someone is looking for a specific ceno to aim to have a certain amount of coins to have a greater chance of getting that ceno.

If anyone else is doing coins to ceno, please post the trade here with the amount of coins you had when you created the custom trade, as well as your approximate top ferocity ceno. I’ll keep track of all of them in a spreadsheet to hopefully be able to present something a little more clear in a few weeks.

Again, this is just a theory but I hope is true and can become a useful tool for getting more out of the TH. I imagine this also to be true for Jurassic and aquatic as well, but I haven’t done many of those trades so I don’t know.


When my VIPs were still level 1, I use to get variety like you have posted.

Since I leveled them up to 10 all I have gotten is Megatherium and Smilodon.

Which is a bummer, because these guys aren’t that much better and take way longer to hatch then legendary dinos.

It has been this way for maybe 3 weeks now.

If I had know this was based on ferocity, I could have nerfed my line up to keep getting other dinos.

Also, I’m now starting to have a severe lack of savannah.

But, I think you are correct about how it picks who you get.

Do you always have max coins when you do the trade?

If so, would you mind doing some trades when you have different amounts of coins, maybe between 60-70mil, 70-80mil and 80-90mil?

I’d be curious to see if you got some legendaries with those amounts or if it won’t let you do the trades.

I can’t. I can only do coins to Ceno when I have like 94+ million coins. Any less and it isn’t a choice.

To be honest, I haven’t seen aquatic be a choice for even maxed out coins for awhile.

I Hate getting getting so many tournaments, but at least I can trade them back for DNA, LP or DB.

That is super interesting. Maybe I’ll level up my VIP’s one level at a time to try and find out where the change happens.

Fill up on the other guys first. It is tough going hatching 7 day Dino’s.

I have been doing Coins to Ceno at 99,999,999 coins for the last 2 weeks and have done this trade maybe 12 times (I can max out my coins every other day or so). I have received a Megatherium every single trade. I typically then trade that Megatherium for Loyalty Points and typically get between 800 and 1,000, which works well for me.

I would, however, prefer a Smilodon - do you think this is just luck of the draw, or is there a different coin threshold that I should try to obtain a Smilodon trade?

Luck of the draw. I’ve been getting both.

So I’ve been recording for over a week, and aside from two outliers the trend is that the higher coins you have for the trade usually the higher ferocity ceno you will get. I’m still always getting legendaries with my highest ferocity around 1900.

Something else interesting also happened today when I got a ton of coin to something else trades right before my custom trade and I was down to 25mil coins or so. I then went food to ceno since I had over 70mil and got the giant savannah horse beast tournament creature. So while it seems like I can only get legendaries with coins it is possible to get tournaments with food at the same ferocity.

Once I get a few more data points I’ll upload a graph of the results as well.


I’ll just stuff this here…not sure if it has been proven yet but non-VIPs can get trades like this. Not my screenshot, found it on Discord.


I was just about to start a new post asking about this. Good thing you guys already started an investigation. My highest ferocity Ceno creatures are a couple of snow super rares at level 40 and all my VIPs at level 1. I haven’t needed to level them up beyond that.

I’ve been trading for Cenos but all I get are legendaries so that doesn’t work very well for my purposes: I’m trying to accumulate DNA to get 20 ferocity 6000+ creatures (level 21-30ish VIPS) so that I can support an indoraptor.

I imagine it’s the same for Aquatic and I’m in the same situation (only level 1 VIPs). Sounds like I’ll need to either level up my VIPs, forcing me to level up the rest of my line up, or move my trades to Jurassic, which are more variable, unfortunately. I’m going to go with Jurassic for now since that also gives me some useful hybrids on occasions.

Some more interesting observations. Since I did the food to Ceno trade two days ago I haven’t been able to do coins to ceno (greyed our at max coins).

I did coins to aquatic yesterday and today I built up enough food to do food to ceno again and Got a smildon for 28mil food.

I’m hoping I can still get legendaries but maybe going food to ceno was a mistake and now it will only offer me tournaments. Will keep this updated as I have new discoveries. But I may need to increase ferocity now to get coins to Ceno again since food to ceno is too expensive and can’t get enough through the TH daily.

I’m here to prove the point even though I refused this trade because I wanted other creatures :joy: I’m not a VIP

I expected a titanoboa :sob:

So I won’t be able to keep track anymore for a few reasons, although hopefully they help with the mystery of the TH. Once I did a trade food to ceno I was unable to do coins to ceno (it was greyed out at max coins).

I could still trade food to Ceno for tournament cenos. I started levelling my VIP’s and once they hit level 5, and on the same day I reached level 95, the coins to ceno reappeared and now I get coins to tournament cenos, most of them the cave sloth.

I had started to do some coins to aquatic in the meantime to bolster my aquatic lineup, but as soon as I hit level 95 the coin to aquatic greyed out and I can no longer make those trades. I hadn’t increased the ferocity of my aquatic lineup at all.

It is quite disappointing as my aquatic lineup is very weak and I was looking forward to strengthening with these trades… looks like that isn’t going to happen. @Daven is this expected behaviour of the TH?

Can anyone else at max level 95 try a coins to aquatic and see if it is possible? And if it is possible how do I get it to be possible?

My coins to aquatic is grayed out. So is my food->aquatic.

I did a DNA->aquatic trade.

After that, coins->Aquatic was still grayed out.

I’m currently doing coins->Jurassic and ridding the rare hybrid train, so I’m not rocking the boat or complaining.