I need 150.000 coins how can i do it

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Go to sleep and dream. “dream 'till your dreams come true” (cit.)

I suggest robbing a freight train on horseback.


Winning battles
Doing strike events
Spinning supply drops


Get your credit card out

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Wow need 10 days to collect 3 hour spinning and hour battle.

I’m on the other side…

Got 500k Coins and no decent DNA to fuse.

12k gallimimus and 0 monolopho
2500 irritator and 0 pyroraptor are
900 Epic anky and 0 Rajasaurus


let’s walk

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At 30,000 coins per day, just grind away for a week

30k per day? How do you manage that?

Daily limit from Orange supply drops = 15,000
Some of the green supply drops ~ 3,000
Win 5-6 battles ~ 2,000
Open 6-7 Incubators (includes special) ~ 6,000
Strike Towers ~ 2,000 up to 20,000

Closer to 35,000 average per day. Keep the Incubators going 24/7 by launching the 8-hr ones when you sleep. It really helps save time with VIP on the supply drops since coins (and darts) are doubled.