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I think they should give us more coins, because evolutions cost a lot of coins and we do not earn enough coins when you reach high levels.
Actually, I have 2 dinosaurs without evolution! (In levels 19 and 20 T-T)


I have 101 dinosaurs ready to evolve. :sunglasses:

So keep collecting with supply drops, incubators, battles and donating DNA in alliance plus using dollars or doing missions.


to be fair though, compared to when the game came out they give us a mint.


At level 20, between supply drops, event drops, strike events, and donating DNA to your alliance members, you should be able to collect minimum 30K a day. Just keep hustlin’! :smiley:


I do it!! Every day I try to get as many coins as possible. But in my fight team, I have two without evolving. And in the dinosaur collection, I have about 20. Before they gave us more coins, which made the game much easier. Now it is more complicated. Jajaja


Im level 11. Jajaja. Yes, I try but is complicate to me. I win 5000 or 10000 coins per day!


You’ll get there–it’s not a race. :smiley:


yes we need ways to get more coins.

Like I can somehow get around 160000 more coins to start working on tenontorex, LUDIA.


Have 92 dinos without evolving. Currently working to lvl all dinos needed for Uniques to lvl 20 except Tryko, Dioraja and new flying uniques. Will need about week and a half. Then I can focus again on my team dinos.


71 ready to evolve, 1 million+ coins.

It’s not worth evolving everything, choose wisely.


I’ll try


I definitely wasted a lot of coins evolving useless dinos just because I used to hate seeing the notification thing on the bottom of the screen when there’s a Dino read to be evolved :joy: I had to stop that habit and start thinking wisely because I definitely regret some of the dinos I’ve evolved so high, because they’re terrible.


Hahahaha! Yaaas, me too. We need to prioritize!!
Thanks :smile:

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Play smarter not harder. Plan out your end game team and simply focus on those… if a dino isnt on your end game team. Over leveling it is a waste of both dna and coins. If a dino isnt on an end game team decide if you really want to invest the coins to unlock it right now. Alot of people might spend this week leveling purrlyth in hopes they can make grypolyth just so it can sit unlocked. I say collect the dna but why rush to make something thats not worth using. Those coins are better spent leveling your team.


Thanks !! I’ll do it :smile: now, I need to prioritize in my team and dinos I want in the future!


Doesnt get any better im afraid, 29 to 30 is 250k.


Best way to do it is plan out your team as best you can things change because of balance changes so no plan is fool proof. Also try to keep in mind what locals you play alot in and which if any you dont.

Example, if you a local 2 player who never steps foot in a l1. I wouldnt be in a rush to level your dracorex to 20… while your sino is sitting at 14. Collect the dna, but dont invest the coins till your ready to start fusing. And dont invest the coins and dna right before a patch.


Great info for picking creatures to evolve and level up

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