Coint issue


I have no problem with this being such PayToWin oriented game, but at the very least give us the ability to level up our dinos.

I currently have 25k gold and 26 dinos to upgrade and I bought one time offer once so without it i probably wouln’t have any. Most of them are pretty useless in battles but it is still anoying not being able to level them up. I probably could upgrade most of low lvl ones, but then I wouldn’t have the coins for upgrading my Arena Dinos.

Why is upgrading so expensive? 6k from 13 to 14, come on. And I don’t think that it is possible to gather that much in one day cause of limits. It is not like leveling my Stego from 13 to 14 will hurt those PayToWin players in any way.

Why isn’t anyone talking about this? This completely takes all the fun out of it. Why collect DNA when you cannot upgrade Dinos?


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