Coldwind Wastes

Can anyone tell me what dragons should I have to pass level 8/78?

Can’t even pass 1/78… What did you do?

I’m way past that, look at what dragon types there are, find the color that weakens the strongest dragon in that list, and use 2 or 3 of those colors. Make sure you have a dragon that is atleast on its 3rd possibly 4th star of 4 or 5 stars.

When I have runes and the level is very nervous to me, if I can get to the last part of the battle I use them.

I can’t even pass the first wave…

I do not know which one I really useddragon3

Get your toothless to 3* that will be a huge help cause he can keep the other team from using their specials

that green skrill is begging to be brought to full 4* and max level, it will help you greatly, and also toothless is also a great addition, simply train him to 4* and level him up, you’d got a good roster there. focused.