"Collect All" glitches on bonus reward - no DNA received!

The past week I’ve been using “Collect All” to both collect all the completed daily /weekly/monthly missions, and then after that the Daily “Bonus Reward” of 100 Giga dna can also be collected, and “Collect All” is highlighted again.

So I’ve been hitting the “Collect All” button a second time to grab the Giga reward, and it indicates that the reward has been collected (the highlight disappears, as does the “Collect All” button)

However, I noticed this morning that after I collected the DNA was not added to my account - it just vanished.

So I’ve apparently missed out on something like 700 exclusive DNA due to this bug.

Hey @WhatHalvesWeKnot, If you could write to our team at support+alive@ludia.com we will be able to investigate this issue for you.


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