Collect button


My phone is samsung galaxy 8 and when i press the collect button suddenly the game freez… i tried to restart my phone, downloed the game again and again but still when i press it the game shuts. Help please


I have the exact same problem with a Sony Xperia XZ1.


Hey dino collectors, if your game is connected to either a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account, try clearing the cache on your device and see if that helps. Also, try closing any applications you are not using when playing the game.

Information from the FAQ here could be useful too:

If you’re still having issues, our support team can be reached at, and including your support key in the email will allow our team to find you faster.


Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but apparently it’s an issue with the app in certain countries. If you set your phone’s language to English, you can click the button no problem. You just have to keep switching back and forth until the app updates…
Edit: the recent update will not let you even open the app. Just play after switching your phone’s language to English.