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Why am I the way that I am?




Did you hit the diplo jackpot after you requested lol! Hit the collect buttons, less to scroll through and scrolling has epilepsy or something.

@Sara, this isn’t a bug, for once. Just me seeing how long I can go without collecting requests.

There is no bug fix for my brain.


Apparently it was requesting diplo that broke my brain. Did it as a joke, didn’t collect it out of spite, now my past three requests have also gone uncollected.

I’m sure I won’t hold off for long on those purrolyth ingredients once I get my grypo collected.

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Sigh… :neutral_face:

Hey at least people in ur alliance donate

We do, a lot. Even irritator. They never get fulfilled, but there are always requests, and always some donations. I usually go with stuff that always gets filled, which is most commons, and even a lot of rares. Sand Dunes is good at sending things.

Why dude?



It’s a sickness I have.

Or a morbid curiosity.

Or it’s a metaphor for how I ask for life advice, and even when people give it, I don’t accept it. I think we just had a breakthrough doctor.

Or I am starved for attention.


Take your pick.

Haha I think anyone would be willing to donate all their diplo DNA, no problem :sweat_smile:

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Well, all I know is that I should have been there to donate to that useless diplo and get some coins. Missed it :joy:

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I can’t see any shiny notice about something that I HAVE to click on it

After your request was made, does it disappear for others when you are able to collect it? Or , does it stay active if you leave it alone, thus allowing people to keep donating to it?

That’s what I have not figured out yet.

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@Jonus and I are in the same alliance and I don’t see all of those uncollected donation requests so I would say yes it disappears for others

When I finish someone’s request, it disappears

So, my little experiment wasn’t completely in vain…

Today I had it up to 5 uncollected requests, and the timer ran up for me to request another, then this happened:


As I said, the timer had run up, and as you can see the request button is green again. I restarted the app, and the same message came up. Once I collected (one of) my requests I was able to request again.

So, there you have it, kids. You can have 5 uncollected requests before it starts getting screwy. Guess I found a bug after all, @Sara. :wink:


This morning my diplocaulus request was no longer there waiting to be collected (I refused to take it). Hard to say if I was given the dna, or if the collection just expired. It was there for just over a week. This thread was started on Feb 23, and there were 4 uncollected requests, so it would have been requested on Feb 22 at the latest.