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Collectibles pack question

I seem to be experiencing a bug, when trying to simply buy a collectibles pack in Odin’s market. But the game freezes. Fortunately the game crashes before my coins are spent. The issue seems to occur when the system has too few types of collectibles to choose from. Eg. I currently have 6 of 7 collections complete, with only 8 elite items of a single type left to complete the Dagur’s Bewilderbeast collection.
This bug also occured as I was nearly finished the Screaming Death collection, but after filing a support ticket it seemed to clear up.
Of course once the Screaming Death was finished I had no further issues till now.
If Ludia thinks the collectible pack becomes too valuable when we’ve almost filled our collections, then perhaps they should make it unavailable at such times, but as it stands this just looks like an algorithm for creating the collectibles pack that hasn’t been properly tested on ‘edge’ cases.
Is this happening a too others?


I’ve seen a few others report this as well. Can the team look into it @Marcus?


Thanks for tagging me, I’ll report this to the team.


Just following up on this. The team will make this a priority and hopefully fix it for the next update. Thanks!


FINALLY I have reported this bug multiple times here and to customer service. It has a near 100% repeatability rate when the very specific conditions are met.


I’ve had the same problem for the first time this week with Odin’s Coins and using them to purchase the Collectibles Pack for 150 OC’s. It freezes every time I click Buy (I had 550 OC on Monday when I went to first buy it, now I have 850 OC) and still locks up on me. Monday was before the Toothless fix update, today is after the update and still locks up. I was able to buy the Fish and Wood packs for 50 each, and the (5) Resource Packs for 30 each without issue. I get those plus the Collectibles Pack each week, but as of even just now, I can’t get the Collectibles Pack for this week.

I may be in the same boat as the OP - I have 4 or 5 collections complete but I’m not turning them so I have a limited amount of collectibles for the game to choose from. I’m waiting for certain quests to popup before completing my collection(s). Tired of turning them in, then the next quest is “complete x collection” which I just turned in a few days before.

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