Hello everyone :relaxed:
So I have a question on the latest update which has already been asked in another thread but has never been answered.
Do we need to meet certain requirements to get collectibles? Like upgrade our MC with some premium clothes/features? Or maybe buy one of premium choices during a date? Does it somehow depend on relationship status/lovemeter progress with a match? I mean, do we need to guess “better” options, so to say, giving us extra points to receive a gift faster?
Has anyone actually received a collectible already? I catched up with all my matches’ storylines so can’t test it yet.

I was wondering this myself. I was in chat with Blake today and paid for an option. Told me got a collectible…in pants… but I never actually got them or I have to buy them after collecting them which is kind of messed up if true.

Could it be maybe a glitch? Did you try restarting the app? I realized that when the update just came out I saw two jacket options but the app was really slow and freezing constantly so I restarted it. And one of the jackets just disappeared, I even thought that I imagined it. It reappeared today though, a black jacket with a turtleneck sweater